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We bring you the latest information on everything related to the Kindle Fire.  Not only do we provide you with in-depth video reviews highlighting every feature of the Kindle Fire so you can make an educated purchase, but we also provide you with reviews and recommendations on everything related to the Kindle Fire.

Did you know the Kindle Fire doesn’t come with a USB cable?  Did you know that several of the more expensive covers have received poor reviews?  We give you all this information and more.  No need to search through endless pages on Amazon, or sort through loads of reviews, as we have done that for you.  So sit back, browse the pages here, watch the videos, and know that you will be happy with anything we recommend.  Thank you for visiting Soft Sun.

Kindle Fire Video Review


Watch the hands-on video review of the Kindle Fire on the left. Not only does this explain many of the popular features of the Kindle Fire including streaming free movies, transferring music from the cloud to the device, but it is best to see how exactly it looks and works. In our opinion the best Kindle Fire review is a video review.  You can quickly see that watching movies and listening to music is awesome, while reading magazines and navigating websites on a 7 inch screen is a bit difficult.  This is the trade-off you get for size, weight, and ease of use compared to a laptop.

Decided one way or another after the video?

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Kindle Fire Review

If you want more than a visual display and 10 min explanation over the basic features of the Kindle Fire, continue reading below.  Also, we have seen a lot of reviews, and wanted to structure ours differently.  We have more of a common FAQ review that allows people to focus in on the information they think is relevant to their decision.

How Do You Get Content for the Kindle Fire?

There are multiple ways to get content using the Kindle Fire.  First, you can obtain content easily from the Amazon store.  This includes magazines, movies, TV shows, and more.  You get a huge selection of free movies and books, but more on that later.  When you are in your home, you can access the wifi and surf the net and obtain content either streaming it or buying and downloading it.  You can also use a USB micro-b cable to transfer movies and songs back and forth from your computer to your Kindle Fire.  This is also very easy to do.  Note:  The Kindle Fire comes with a standard wall charger, but not the data transfer cable.  You can get a micro-b USB cable from Amazon by clicking HERE

Is the Kindle Fire Fast Enough to Surf the Internet and Listen to Music?

The Kindle Fire is more than fast enough to surf the internet while you listen to your favorite music.  Page load times range from 2-3 seconds up to 6 seconds for pages with lots of videos and images on them.  Also, as more people buy the Kindle Fire, their browser will only get faster because of the browsing system they have implemented.  If this is your concern, then you have nothing to worry about.

Are Movies and TV Shows Clear and Visually Impressive?

Yes, the screen is very clear and has very vibrant colors.  Even while you are streaming movies, there isn’t a slow-down or choppy affect to the movie or show.

Storing Content, and What is Cloud Storage?

One of the few drawbacks with the Kindle Fire is the actual device storage at around 5-6 GB.  For the less tech savvy people, this basically means you could store dozens of apps, a handful of movies, hundreds of songs, and thousands of books at once on your device.  Then Amazon gives you free Cloud storage up to another 5 GB and $1/mo for each additional gigabyte of storage you use in the cloud.  You can access all the extra songs, books, and movies whenever you are around a “wifi hot-spot”… which these days is everywhere.  Hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, coffee shops, restaurants, your friends place, your house, and more.  Also, if you are traveling with your laptop, you could do a quick swap of content from there as well.  While this is a drawback, the Fire gives you enough storage to last you more than enough time away from a wifi spot.

How Easy is it to Use the Kindle Fire?

Not so tech savvy?  Never used a tablet or touch screen before?  Don’t worry!  There is a basic learning curve for people.  For those of you who are tech savvy and have used tablet before, you will get used to it in hours.  For those of you familiar with using a computer, it will take you maybe a day or two.  For those of you who have never used a smart phone, used the computer a few times at the library… well, it may take you a week or two to really get comfortable with most of the features.  That isn’t to say, you won’t be using it to play music, watch movies and read after a day or two of getting used to it, but getting comfortable with it may take you a bit longer.  However, much like anything, practice makes perfect, and it only took me an hour to get used to most of the features – and I haven’t owned a tablet before.

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Does the Kindle Fire come with Free Movies, Shows, or Books?

The Kindle Fire comes with a one free month trail of Amazon Prime.  This costs $79/year but comes with thousands of movies and shows that you can stream to your Kindle Fire along with free 2-day-shipping from tons of items on Amazon.  If you pay for this, all these movies, shows, and books aren’t exactly “free”, but at a ridiculously low price if you use it only a handful of times a month.  However, you can access a lot of older books for free.  However, it is through the prime membership that you will get access to tons of best sellers, movies, and shows for a yearly fee.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 and Nook Tablet

The Kindle Fire is hands down cheaper and better than the Nook Tablet.  However, when comparing the iPad 2, it is another story.  The Kindle Fire costs $199 while the iPad 2 starts at $500 and goes up past $800 with added features.  Obviously, with the extra cost, you are going to be getting more.  However, you can also get a laptop for $500 that blows the iPad 2 out of the water, so I don’t think Apple justifies the huge fee for their tablet.  However, if money isn’t a big deal to you, and you want something that performs a bit more like a computer, the iPad 2 is it, or wait till the iPad 3 comes out.

Indoor and Outdoor Reading with the Kindle Fire

Reading with the Kindle Fire is just like reading on your computer screen.  There is a back-lit screen that allows you to read in the dark.  However, just like your computer, reading outdoors is difficult.  Also, there is going to be some eye strain as well.  If reading is all you want the Kindle Fire for, you should be going with the Kindle 3g or Kindle Touch.  These use e-ink technology that makes it exactly the same as reading a book.  So reading outdoors is very easy using one of these.  However, reading for a couple hours on the Kindle Fire is perfectly fine and comfortable.

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Price and Battery Life

You won’t find a lower priced tablet device on the market today.  For $199 and a $79/yr Amazon prime membership, you are getting a lot.  The battery lasts about 6-7 hours depending on how you are using it.

Overall Review of the Kindle Fire

Overall, at the price, this is a great product.  While it doesn’t wield all the advanced features of a $600 tablet, for 1/3 the cost, it is packing a strong punch.  Giving you streaming high quality video, books, magazines, newspapers, music, games/apps, internet and more at your finger tips for $199, it is a great price.

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